• I design and hand fabricate my jewelry one piece at a time! Featuring primitive vibes, aged finishes, and unique gemstones, my pieces are one of a kind conversation starters full of character!

  • Brand new in October 2022! Hand selected semi-precious gemstones, chosen for their unique color, cut, and shapes! Whether you are an at-home bench smith, a hobbyist collector, or simply love all things sparkly and shiny, my curated collection of gems is your go-to for that special stone! 


I don't have a lot of fancy tools or specialized training... I've gathered the basic necessities as I've continued to learn through trial and error. I enjoy the more primitive process... It keeps me grounded and gives my work its own unique style. I'm so grateful for this space, and for all of you lovely people who support me ... Because of you I can buy one more coil of silver wire and make more beautiful things!! ~ Heidi

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