Relocated in Arizona and preparing for Black Friday shopping frenzy!

Relocated in Arizona and preparing for Black Friday shopping frenzy!

Hello from ARIZONA!!! We have successfully relocated from Wyoming, and are feeling like we've finally caught our breath from the stresses and craziness of moving! There is so much to do to make a house a home, but it's coming along nicely. I have been spending an incredible amount of time working on the landscaping and educating myself on the various native and/or compatible plants and their care, as well as building some washes (for monsoon run-off). It was also a bit of a chore to switch my business Azteca Designs LLC to Arizona, but my husband is a rockstar and got it figured out for me. I wanted to let everyone know that in preparation for the biggest shopping weekend of the YEAR, 

 I have joined Artists Sunday, an exciting nationwide alliance focused exclusively on encouraging consumers to shop with artists and I'd like to invite you to join me.

Artists Sunday is an art-focused shopping day the first Sunday after Thanksgiving - Nov 29th. It follows Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, the day before Cyber Monday, the largest shopping weekend of the year.

Participation is free to artists. Members receive a comprehensive marketing toolkit to help generate buzz and awareness. Full details can be found at

Your support means THE WORLD to us craftsmen, artisans, and small business owners. If you can spend a little more supporting them/us, and a little less supporting the big box stores it would mean so much. The excitment we feel when our website app pings letting us know we just had a sale is hard to describe!!!

We appreciate each and every one of you! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Heidi and crew @ Azteca Designs Boutique

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