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Narrow Teal Kyanite + Rustic Textured Brass Cuff Bracelet

Narrow Teal Kyanite + Rustic Textured Brass Cuff Bracelet

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A stunning teal Kyanite gem rests in my fabricated silver bezel and sparkles on this gorgeous rustic textured and distressed brass cuff! The golden highlights are warmed with recessed "rose gold" (coppery patina) low lights in the crevices, creating a seriously decadent vibe! 

The brass is sealed with clear glossy enamel to help preserve finish.

Kyanite is rose cut (faceted) surface, and teal/blue/green with inclusions. 

Cuff is 6 inches long before being shaped into a comfortable oval. Gap to slip wrist through is about 1  inch wide. 

Cuff is 1/4 inch wide. 

DO NOT bend  - bending will most likely cause the stones to loosen in the bezels and come out or break. Continued bending could also ruin the finish, and will eventually weaken the brass. Instead, slip sideways onto wrist, then rotate fully onto wrist to wear. Do the opposite to remove. 


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Additional Info:

Azteca Designs jewelry is hand-fabricated one unique piece at a time by me!  Most of my work features intentional oxidation and patina. This finish is not meant to be removed, however, a small polishing cloth is included with silver jewelry orders and you may use this to gently clean your silver jewelry if it begins to tarnish. 

Some gemstones are more delicate than others. Please wear pieces with care. I recommend removing all jewelry before strenuous activity or bathing/swimming.

Most orders ship in 1-3 business days.

Please contact me with any questions you may have PRIOR to making your purchase!