GIFT CARDS! Stay Healthy and Happy!!!

GIFT CARDS! Stay Healthy and Happy!!!

Hello Friends!

Yes, I'm getting straight to the point.....The entire world in in turmoil currently! I believe whole-heartedly that it is vitally important to continue to move our bodies and get exercise, get good nutrition, and get outside for fresh air and sunshine, and let's not forget our ART community!!!!  Creating art, sharing beauty, this will keep us sane and help brighten one another's day!!!! 

These things will help us not only stay healthy physically, but also mentally. 

And metal health is so incredibly important. Don't be afraid to turn off the news, and get back to your studio and art groups - let's make beautiful things! Let's exercise our minds! 

I also wanted to announce that for the time being, Azteca Designs Boutique is offering GIFT CARDS  in the amounts of  $10, $25, $50, and $100. I will include the link here. All you have to do is select your preferred amount via the drop down menu, add it to your cart, and purchase. You will be sent an email with details/instructions on how to use your gift card! This is a virtual gift card - you will not receive a physical gift card in the mail. 

Link Below:



Thank you so much for your continued support of my small art business during these times. I WILL continue to ship finished jewelry orders, so please don't hesitate to order if you find something you love!!!! 

Now, I'm off to create - - and get a second workout in, because why not? I have loads of time!!!! :D

My love to all - -

Stay Healthy, Happy, and Creative!!!!

~Heidi @ Azteca Designs Boutique 

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