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Sonoran Sunrise + Rosarita + Malachite + Hand Fabricated Artisan Necklace

Sonoran Sunrise + Rosarita + Malachite + Hand Fabricated Artisan Necklace

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Sonoran Sunrise + Rosarita + Malachite + Hand Fabricated Artisan Necklace 
A one-of-kind beauty, this necklace is hand fabricated from start to finish from Argentium (93.5), Sterling (92.5), and Fine 999) Silver. Each setting is created by shaping and soldering bezel wire, and all of the links are hand forged, save for the jump rings. This gorgeous Sonoran Sunrise focal gemstone is a combination of Chrysocolla (the blue/green) and Cuprite (the red). The red 'talon' shaped cabochons on either side of the Sonoran Sunrise are Rosarita: 

~"""Rosarita is a unique material, which derives its exceptionally rich, red color from the process of gold refining. It is a unique by-product of the 1960s and 1970s gold refining processes. Alaskan beach sand was smelted for its gold content and the slag by-product was Rosarita, which is essentially a gold-infused glass. The base material for Rosarita is silica (which is quartz particles) mixed with gold at high temperatures.

Old processes prior to 1960 used the old method of open crucible and fire (infused heat) to smelt the sand, leaving behind a glassy-like material in the crucible, which is known as slag. This gold slag was used in the 1940s through 1970s for jewelry, carvings, flint napping, etc. This material known as Rosarita is some of the most exceptional colored gold slag ever produced. Most other slag were mostly red in color but not nearly as vivid as the magnificent Rosarita.

Rosarita is no longer produced because of improved efficiency in gold refinement. Modern processes extract nearly all of the gold out of the sand, leaving an un-remarkable clear glass slag without the deep red color that makes Rosarita so beautiful."""~

This necklace then features a small oval green Malachite gemstone set near the clasp/extender chain, creating balance. 
I melted and shaped some silver shavings to create one of my signature heart charms for the end of the chain, and the hook clasp is of course also hand forged. My signature heart is stamped on the back of the pendant, which moves on it's insanely cool hand forged hinge, which I am simply 'over the moon' about!!!! This piece wears gracefully, the chain is super comfortable and lays beautifully around your neck. 
I kept this necklace shorter, thinking of those lovely v-neck summer blouses and flowy boho tops .... 
*Hand fabricated and designed by me in my little studio, with love*

Total Length: 20 inches, PLUS 1 inch extender. Of course you can clasp the necklace even shorter if desired.

Pendant is a total of 2 and 5/8 inches long. Width at widest part is 1 and 1/4 inches.

PLEASE REMOVE your art jewelry before showering, bathing, swimming, or participating in other activities which may damage or cause discoloration of gemstones and silver!<<< 


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Additional Info:

Azteca Designs jewelry is hand-fabricated one unique piece at a time by me!  Most of my work features intentional oxidation and patina. This finish is not meant to be removed, however, a small polishing cloth is included with silver jewelry orders and you may use this to gently clean your silver jewelry if it begins to tarnish. 

Some gemstones are more delicate than others. Please wear pieces with care. I recommend removing all jewelry before strenuous activity or bathing/swimming.

Most orders ship in 1-3 business days.

Please contact me with any questions you may have PRIOR to making your purchase!